Small Virginia Town


I close the windows and the blinds come down.
I sit in the darkness in this small Virginia town
Lonlely and bored with only my dreams.
A dead end job in a world that aint what it seems

There’s litter and screaming out in the streets.
Occasional gunshots make the whole thing complete
I don’t know the people they just get in my way.
I don’t know the answers and I’m better off that way

But when it all is said and done,
And you’re not tied down to anyone
Sometimes you feel you wanna just disappear.
You’ll finally find the road you’re on when the dust is all clear
In this small Virginia town

Looking for shelter in some other place.
A bottle to soothe me, keep that smoke in my face
The room behind this one’s grown black and cold.
I tried to be a soldier once and do what I was told

I can live with my emotions
I can deal with all the pain (oh yeah)
I just can’t seem to find no sunlight
Cuz all it ever does is rain (oh yea)
In this small Virginia town

Stranger in this town I was alone and confused.
Locked in my prison feeling battered and bruised
Close all the windows and shut the world away.
Sit deep inside thoughts of brighter yesterdays

I can deal with all the anger
I can deal with southern stress (oh yeah)
Bitterness and confusion,
Turned my world into one big mess (oh yeah)
In this small Virginia town