Rough Around The Edges


I get the feelin, it’s time to move along
I’ll trip and stumble, but I’ll still be strong
And if I come back tomorrow will ya know I was ever gone

People tell me, they seen ya all over town
People tell me, that you been messin around
Baby don’t come a knockin I know you’ll just be bringin me down

My oh my I’m rough around the edges
Met a lot of people and seen my reflection
Everyway Everyday it’s more like perfection
Lord can ya see it in my eyes
I’ve been around the world, around the world a million times

My little baby, she ain’t been treatin my right
She got my money, and now she’s gone for the night
If she shows in the morning, there’s gonna be a hell of a fight

My little baby, she got the looks that’ll kill
I tell ya something..she got professional skill
But if she won’t gimme lovin, I know she got a sister who will