Rhetorical Existence


So you wanna know how I’m feeling…can you look inside my mind
And are you gonna try and rescue me cuz baby I aint got much time
You see I’m riding down this highway, I’m goin across this land
I met a lot of people and shook a lotta crooked hands

But when I got there there was no one to be found
I tried so hard but I could barely hear a sound
You know I never felt so sure bout anything
Until she drained all the color…drained all the color from my wings

Tension is a tragedy it lingers in my restless soul
And although I’m burnin deep inside I neve felt so cold
I know it’s getting closer and it’s pulling at this deperate man
I hear the gentle whispers hummin, I’ll run for cover if I can


It time to take anoher drink and raise a toast to all the friends I’ve made
Looking back and lost in thought I guess it’s really just a big charade.