Monsters in the Attic


Thoughts are goin faster, I can almost see
How the demons in my head are slowly choking me
Thought I’d have a chance thought I’d see the day,
When all these aberrations would simply go away
Now I know the sun is sinkin west,
If I’m gonna do it now, I gotta pass the test
I feel it in my bones, I know it’s in the air
The smell of desperation all around me everywhere

It’s the Monsters in the Attic
I can blame the Monsters in the Attic

I argue with the voices, listen to the signs
I let it kill me once when I was not so blind
Come and take me over, take away the pain
Take away the voices drivin me insane
I can hear the footsteps, I can hear the drums
But can I face the music if it ever comes
Can’t control the laughter, can’t control the screams
Feeling like I’m lost in someone else’s dream

Somewhere in the rafters I can hear the calls
I can hear the whispers in the attic walls
Lost inside a room that I have never seen
The walls are closing in, I’m stuck in the machine
Can’t deny the message, can’t deny the clues
If they want me in, well how can I refuse
I can see the sun is risin in the east
A little bit a’ heaven wouldn’t hurt me in the least