You’re a fool, if you think I’m lovin you
You’re a fool to think that I care
You’re a fool if you keep runnin back
Cuz the truth is what you’re runnin from,
the rest is just somebody else’s fault

It’s nothing new, the way you look at me
It’s nothing new, the way that you stare
It’s nothing new, when I keep telling you
That it’s not a choice of livin but
a matter of finding what livin’s all about

I don’t think that it was all that funny…I hope you think it too
I was only lookin for an angle…to get me into you

You’re a fool to keep me hangin on
You’re a fool to play this game
You’re a fool to think I’m letting you in
Cuz I ‘m not exactly willin to fall,
but now I know exactly how you feel

I don’t see a reason for tomorrow…I hope you see it too
I gave you all I got until I folded , I can’t take nuch more of you
Someday you will come across the answers…and all he bright red signs
Cuz I don’t think what you’re lookin for is written…in those nasty little lines