After All These Years


I wake up from dreams of feeling your touch
A feeling I’m missing baby I’m missin way too much
Tattered and torn until the emptiness clears
Still helpless I miss you after all these years

How do I hold on with so little hope?
How do I manage baby tell me how’m I s’posed to cope
Still my pillow soaks up all the tears
Still helpless and I’m lonely baby after all these years

Maybe a song will ease the pain
Memories seduce me again and again
I walk through this life and I won’t tell a soul
My heart is still broken, and nobody knows

I still think about her as I stare at the sky
No reasons were given, not even goodbye
I somehow manage to still deal with the fears
I’m still helpless and I miss you after all these years

(Sub Chorus)
Please don’t leave. Where’d you go
I tried so hard, I can’t believe you ever got that far