Wait So Long

Arlington Attic - Act of Desperation - Wait So Long

My body’s tired my thoughts are old. I must confess I need a rest
Dwelling on those memories / Time to face reality
It can get you down some days / Unnecessary time delays
You realize every step you choose, / Can change the man you’ll be

Can you think way back when you were right?

Well I’d like to think / that I’m understood
And that I’d come home / If I thought I should
I used to think / that this world was mine
Livin a life / a life of a different kind

I didn’t know / that my time would come
Opinions from my friend / and most everyone
Maybe another / chance will come along
Feeling really tense / why did I wait so long

I couldn’t face the industry / With all their rules and policies
Somehow you don’t’ seem to me / A rundown wall street wannabe
Doing everything they tell me to / Not good for me but it is for you
Afraid I’ll lose it in the end / Whether I pay that just depends

Look at this whole mess we made / Everything’s on time delay
They act as if they just don’t care / And who the hell’s Joe Millionaire?
Turn around and walk away / You know that you’ll be back some day
Polish your Mercedes Benz / And say goodbye to your weekends