Streets of Whiskey

Arlington Attic - Act of Desperation - Streets of Whiskey

It was neary half past midnight, for I even left that bar
Stumbled out into the traffic Someone tell me where I left my car

Line em up those shots of bourbon for my girl a glass of wine
Take me back to Belfast City I’m sure we’ll have a real good time

Somewhere over near ole Kilkenny passed out underneath an old whitebeam
Looking back I never saw it comin smoke and drink would get the best of me

Grab a bone don’t get me started Hit me with a Guiness Stout
Coin the box let’s get things started Tonight we’re gonna all go out

Take a trip to ….Wicklow
Wouldn’t you like to…let’s go
Oyster stout and …..soco
Streets of whiskey

When the time’s right… you’ll know
When we trip it’s ……solo
Crank the Pogues till….it blows
Streets of whiskey… shine

I got lost and drunk with Tandy
This is what he said to me
Take the road that’s lesser traveled
Or get your ass back on to Tennessee

Oh wee oh the stouts and lagers pissed up lookin for my other shoe
Praise the land of my Virginia wud I wouldn’t give to get back to you

If you’re gonna get me started wait until I’ve had my fill
Paddy’s gonna keep me standin At least until I pay the bill