She Moves

Arlington Attic - Act of Desperation - She Moves

It just seems to be…..And it just seems to me
That I’m finally back in touch

Lay down by her side…I put all my fears aside
Now I’m trapped within her clutch
But when she moves…when she moves me…I’m on fire

I just can’t help but feel..And now it, It just seems so unreal
And tell me, What does this woman see in me

I stopped believing there was…Someone out there that was
Willing to set me free
When she moves….

I can almost smell her sweet perfume
It lingers in the air, in every room
I can almost hear her call my name
I’m swept into her ever growing flame
When she moves…..

She saved me from my pain and misery
I’ve fallen for her to the nth degree
I can’t explain the thoughts inside my head
But I can show her with my heart instead
But when she moves