Easier With You

Arlington Attic - Act of Desperation - Easier With You

I was on my own, better off unknown
Feelin every whisper til I ended in this combat zone
She was invested but never really tested
Holdin out for more than anything her leather heart suggested
Holdin on string, we barely got along
Neither of ys wanted to end up in our own torch song
Now I know that …

You and me Are never gonna let it go.
Can’t you see it’s better in the afterglow
I still get excited when you look at me. It’s easier with you
Let it go why can’t you just get over it?
I’ve been good, still puttin up with all your shit
Yes it’s true you’ll never see my point of view.
It’s easier with you

It seems we can never agree
No one ever said that there was any kinda guarantee
No one really cares about this affair
But I’m getting kinda tired of fillin out their questionnaires
We’ll give it a shot. Give it everything we got
I’ll bend and I’ll swerve and I’ll even sleep in the wet spot
Now that I know that..

So damn good we’d leave here if we could
But we’ll never get our silly asses outta this neighborhood
Now that I know that…(Chorus)

You and me are good at not getting along
Kinda sounds Just like an old religious song
Through the years, we’ve shed alot of blood and tears
It’s easier with you
It’s just like, it’s tearing our whole world apart
We should get a thousand shiny purple hearts
Left behind, you always seem to change your mind,
it’s easier with you