Back in Time

Arlington Attic - Act of Desperation - Back In Time

Tara spittin skin at the show creator
Aussie girl lookin for a brand new favor
Savin the whales is Jackie’s plan
Sally’s just lookin for a well hung man
Middle of the night and there’s something wrong
It came in a dream or ina country song
Sittin up in bed with my eyes wide open
Takin me back in time

Jimmy got a gig at a local bar
Some people say he’s gonna go real far
Judy had her baby at the local Walmart
Teddy gettin married to his high school sweetheart
Middle of the night and the neighbor’s screamin
Thought it was real but I was only dreamin
Sittin on my bed I can see them runnin
Takin me back in time

I’ll introduce myself to you
Not really sure what I’m supposed to do
I don’t know where the journey ends
I don’t know but it all depends
Take me back to where the grass is greener
I asked for a sweater but I got a screamer
Take me back to when my thoughts were cleaner
I could take it I could leave it but it really doesn’t matter anyway

Everybody lookin for anew direction
Everybody pickin at your imperfection
Tommy got a gun and now he’s goin crazy
Brian’s near future is still lookin hazy
Middle of the night and my mind is racin
Havin trouble dealin with the thoughts I’m facin
Lookin out the window at the destination
Takin me back in time