Arlington Attic - Act of Desperation - Alright

I don’t waste my time
Listenin to the TV screen, It’s not what it seems and that’s just fine

I don’t know the way
I can’t believe they’re after me, hopefully I’ll get there any way

Whatever is happening to me (I’ll be just fine)
As long as I know what I believe (Don’t try to change my mind)
Someday you’ll see me on the streets (Then you’ll know I’m alive)
Somethin to make my life complete, you know I’ll be alright

I can’t stay true
Forgive me if I talk too much, I’m sorry but it’s really nothing new

I don’t know why
I won’t heed the words they’re telling me, I’m holding on but I’ll give it my best try


Do I waste my time
Choosing roads I’d rather not, I’ll amble on
Is it really such a crime

Don’t act the way I should
I’m stuck here on this losin streak, looking back I’m so misunderstoo