Act of Desperation

Arlington Attic - Act of Desperation - Act of Desperation

Coffee’s almost gone and I’m out of cigarettes
I don’t know where it all went wrong
Don’t know where I went wrong or where all my money went
Now I’m back to where I don’t belong

If I stand right here would (it be so hard to believe)
It’ll all seem clear left (so many times to deceive)
Too much time to kill (under stress is the best time to leave)
I just can’t find the thrill (I don’t know what it’s all foooooor)
Deeper here I go into this never ending rut, I’m hopin that you’ll

Catch me… if you see me fallin
Is it so good…that you can’t hear me calling
Will you be there….When I finally crawl out
Desperations, got a little hold on me but hey…Got enough getting in my way

Getting out of bed just seems so irrelevant (It just seems like the same old song)
Either way I fo there’s no way to circumvent (Sitting here while the time passes on)

Turn another page (so may things left to be said)
Still makin minimum wage (my life seems to hang by a thread)
Hard to see the sun (when ya don’t even get out of bed)
There’s so much left undone (I don’t know what it’s all foooooor)
And now it seems – that I am stuck – some where in between
The pressure hits me and

I guess I’ll just have to keep goin strong
I know… I’ll need something to carry me
A long way…. Stuck here in an act of desperation
Got a little hold on me but hey got enough getting in my way