A Little Bit Crazy

Arlington Attic - Act of Desperation - A Little Bit Crazy

What I really want from you, it’s not for me to say
Every time you look at me, you just take my breath away
I can hardly understand just what you do to me
It’s tearing me all up inside; I just want your company

Well she drives me…a little bit crazy
She loves me all night long

I just want to lay you down and love you all night long
Don’t tell me that you’re leavin cuz you’re right where you belong
Won’t you tell me baby I’m the only one for you?
And come and see me later for those special things I do

For you to say, “I love you”, well I know it’s quite absurd
Tell me ina whisper and I’ll never say a word
Diamond rings and fancy cars are things I can’t afford
But I can buy you romance with a dozen minor chords